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The Rise of Satan

    “Your secret stays with me Lucifer.” “You need a break.”  Kassandra, Lucifers favorite demon, grabs him by the shoulders and looks him in the eyes.  She has been by his side ever since he turned her into an eternal being.   “Get back to your old self.  Folly not this fool’s brigade.  You told me to motivate you. It has been day’s and the corpses are rotting beyond transformation.”

Kassandra hated the smell of rotten flesh, and the longer the dead men lyed around the worse they smelled when changed into zombe soilders. Men move around the compound with decomposed skin.  Half faces and muted conversation. Lucifer houses the zombies.  Millions of them.  The oldest one is from WWI, behave like real men, and take care of the soldiers.

Satan has killed shoulders from battles from all over the globe.  These men will not be missed all were killed in action and taken after buriel. Kassandra yells.  “Bring in the next batch.”  Lucifer readies himself, “Ok!  Lucifer screams.  I’am done. Were finished. Burn these suckers. Our army is large enough. Time for War.”

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