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Everyone pledged to stay in groups wherever they stopped.  Never again would a demon put their filthy hands on one of Serena’s witches.  Dawn should never have been attacked.  She is young and must be trained.  Her mother has sheltered her.  I will put Dawn together with the dark and mysterious Andromeda.  They are lunar opposites. Each witch would offer the other a uniqu perspective. Which would help them develope skills otherwise left dormant. Serene approaches Dawns mother.  Knowing she will not understand the reasoning behind her choice of partners for Dawn.  “Carmen, I have made a few decisions.  Your coven partner will be Elsie.  Elsie and you have many things in common.  She will help you with the cooking and the cleaning.  Practice spells together as a team.  Do you understand Carmen?”  Carmen shakes her head yes.  Serena continues.  ‘I have made an important choice regarding Dawn’s partner. Dawn will partner with Andromeda.”  It was obvious Carmen was not expecting this match.  Carman is taken by surprise. She screams. “You bitch. Dawn is my daughter, and I should be the one to teach and protect her.”  Serena wanted to laugh but decided against it.  Instead, Serena raised her voice.  “I am the Supreme of this coven, and you will do as I saw.”    Serena sat down, and Carmen fumed behind her. Serena wanted to tell her that Dawn and Andromeada made perfect sense. They had much to teach each other, and will give each other special energy that will ultimately help each other out in the future. Instead, she remained quiet in her seat in th RV.

Bringing the coven togeather is filled with life lessons meant to make each coven member stronger. It will take time for the coven to work as a team.

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