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The Trip to Save Earth Begins

Serena and Gabriella are whisked away to a home deep in the Hollywood hills. The Limo parks in the driveway after a winding road with no name leads them to a vintage cottage. “Serena my feet are killing me. Do you think we are able to take off our boot’s?” Gabriella giggles. Serena responds. “Not sure…we are not on the battlefield yet… hopefully we can remove our uniforms to shower and sleep? Take off our boots should be of no consequence.”
Parked in front of the house is a steel RV. Shaped like a bullet. Gabriella wonders what it is doing, specifically, who are the ladies leaving the house with boxes and putting them inside the home on wheels? Serena is just as interested, but too tired to think about it. “I suggest we keep our boots on for now.”
Gabriella helps Serena from the limousine. A light breeze touches Serenas cheek like a kiss from her twin soul mate, Coyote. The sunlight warms her heart when she is woken from a melancholy stupor. Carman stands in front them. “Are you ready to go?” Serena let out a loud hysterical laugh. Gabriella grabs Carmen by the hand. “Serena needs a nap. Can you show her where she can lie down? Maybe get her a snack and something cold to drink?” Carmen leads Serena into the house as Gabriella recons the perimeter. Satisfied no evil beings lurk in the shadows, Gabriella stands guard at the door of her mistresses’ room. Serena sleeps, safe. Phase one has gone well now what? Gabriella knows the fight has not yet begun. When it does? There will be no time for activities like sleep. Let Serena sleep, she may not have time later.
Serena is woken by bright sunlight in her eyes. Gabriella is not standing guard over her, and Serena opens a set of French doors letting the sunlight fill her bedroom with warmth. Gabriella sits outside, keeping her vigil to keep her safe. “What a lovely day, may I join you.” Gabriella stands up not wanting her mistress to feel she was not fulfilling her duties. “Sit…please…eat… breakfast is ready for you.” Gabriella takes a stainless-steel topper off a breakfast made for a queen. Serena squeals with delight. “Thank goodness…I was beginning to think everyone thinks arch angels do not eat. I am ravished.” Serena tears into the food as a long Limousine drives up the driveway.
Gabriella leaves Serenas side to greet the Limo. A large Amazonian women driver helps the Supreme Mayte Magic out of the vehicle. Gabriella bows. “Good morning Supreme would you care to join Serena for breakfast?” “No, please get the ladies from the house and we will have a morning meeting by the pool, as soon as Serena finishes breakfast have her join us.” Serena bows again. “Yes Supreme.” The Supreme walks over to the RV, and with a spell opens the entry door. The Amazonian driver stands guard behind her.
The Supreme looks around the RV, and under her breath whispers a protection spell knowing she is sending her most talented witches and mystical beings out of the only place she can protect them, California. “Let’s go, lock and close the door Prana. Were wanted by the pool.”
The Amazonian announces her mistress. “Everyone please, stand-up and bow for the Supreme Mayte Magic.” The Supreme walks onto the pool patio, and Serena greets her with a hug. Everyone else bows out of respect.
The Supreme motions for everyone to sit down. “If you have not been formally introduced, I would like to introduce you The Arch Angel Serena and her protectorate Gabriella. You are here to help Serena find, Lucifer Morningstar. It has been since the late 18th century that Lucifer has been seen or heard from. He disappeared with-out a trace.
Lucifer was known as the evil prankster, and he liked committing crimes that got media attention. He loved humiliating humans with magical spells. Making them dance, climb tall building and then kill themselves in public places.
When Arch Angel Serena came to us and pleaded that Lucifer was making an army large enough to take over the world. I thought how ingenious. That is what the prankster has been up to, it makes sense. He has been up to no -good and we must stop him. We are here today to begin a journey to locate…pinpoint his location and find out exactly what he is doing.
You have all been picked to go with Arch Angel Serena because of your trust worthy nature and magical prowess. You are considered the best of the best in your particular skill set. I will be here using every resource we have. Looking under every nook and cranny to do our part in the search. Plus, touching base with all-of our allies around the world with the intent of building a larger army than Satan’s. Farewell, and good luck. May the powers of the universe protect and guide you. Go in Peace.”
The Supreme yells. “Gabriella get the girls in the RV.” Then she turns and grabs a hold of Serena’s hand, looking her straight in the eyes. “I am sending you to meet with a Shoshone Shaman who is the oldest shaman of the Shoshone Indian tribe. He is the Shaman that sent me to Hollywood, and with his in my guidance changed the way humans and magical beings interact in harmony. He will guide you. Listen and do as he says. One more thing. Do not let anyone follow you. His life is in your hands.” Serena bows. Thinking to herself, the Supreme Mayte Magic is an amazing Witch.
Gabriella stows the remainder of her and her mistresses’ things in the RV. The Supreme Mayte Magic, had given Carmen the job of packing human street clothes for everyone on the trip. Plus, the food and kitchen utensils. Going to restaurants for meals and shopping was to be kept to a minimum. In the back of the RV is a small room made up especially for Serena separate from the rest of the travel coven.
Serena prays the journey will be fruitful. There are important rules the coven must follow in order to avoid contact with humans. Witches are not real for most humans, but in rural areas where bloodlines have lived for generations. They have short memories and still believe in all sorts of supernatural beings. Staying off the off the grid is not as easy as one thinks. It is impossible to avoid contact with these dangerous sub-cultures. Demons can blend in, and look like humans? Serena yells. “Witches may I have your attention. We are leaving the safe confines of our home. I ask that you be smart in public. Know what is happening around you at all times. Pick one witch to be you partner and stay together. Always know where your partner is, and we will not run into problems. Let’s move we are burning daylight.”
Driving down the highway Serena felt a sense of freedom from the mundane. It brought back memories of her life as a human when the day’s and the nights blended together until her twin soul rambled down the driveway.





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