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The traffic jam from the Supremes’ compound in the valley to Cardinal Studios put my nerves in a twist. The meeting with the Witch Council is paramount to the success of the mission to save Earth. It is up to Serena to bond with what is the most powerful coven of witches in North America. God is on her side, but the supernatural revolution is new.
Serena turns to Gabriela. “Your thoughts are as loud as a foghorn. If things go south, I will bring out the wings.” The limousine comes to a stop in front of the oldest studio on the lot. The driver opens the door and helps Serena and then Gabriella out of the vehicle. The new clothes Carmen fitted them with are comfortable, Serena almost cried when she noticed the angel wing cut outs on the back.
Serena took the lead aside the Supremes assistant. The Warehouse, dark and damp, showed signs of wear and tear with one big Sound Stage set up for the council meeting. Serena was seated on a podium next to the Supremes throne. Gabriella stood next to her, and she had full view of the room. Nothing was going to happen to Serena.
Little by little the council members arrived and took their seat around a round table. The Supremes podium sat at the top of the table near a neon sign that reads, Exit? The sign blinks on and off. Gabriella was ready to pounce and tear the neon sign off the wall. She is frazzled. It feels more like a funeral than a call to arms. Serena loves Gabriella and took her hand. “My dear no matter what happens, we will always fight for God. Side by side.” Gabriella’s confidence returns.
At last, The Supreme Mayte enters the soundstage from the door next to the neon sign. The annoying blinking from the Exit sign turns off as soon as she stands on the podium. The room goes silent. The coven members have bowed their heads with their hands together in reverence to the Supreme. The Arch Angel does not fear her, instead she respects what she has done to Make America Great is unbelievable. Turning the tables on the humans who were systematically killing the planet.
The Supreme Maya throws her hands above her head. “Welcome.” The coven members look up, and together they greet The Supreme as one voice. “Greetings Supreme.” Everyone sits to wait for instructions.
This meeting was not a part of regular coven cabinet schedule. Everyone in Hollywood is wondering what is about to happen. Witches have come here from far and wide to attend, and the military is on alert? What the truck?
The Supreme Maya starts the meeting. “Welcome everyone. Thank you for coming. I will get right to the point. Something big is happening, and we cannot avoid dealing with it. I know everyone is busy, and I am proud of all your hard work keeping our vision of peace in intact. Unfortunately, Satan may be forming an army to destroy Earth. I have just heard about this matter from a visitor to our city The Arch Angel Serena she is here to save us.” The coven is quiet, but the look of confusion on many of their faces. Please welcome her to our emergency coven meeting. The Arch Angel Serena please explain to the witches what you know and need from us. To save our planet.”
Serena joins The Supreme Maye and takes the microphone off the stand. “Thank you for the kind welcome. I will start by introducing myself, and giving you a brief history of who I am. My name and station in life is Arch Angel Serena. If anyone has read the children’s book The Angel who fell to Earth Without her wings. That book chronicles my life. Please raise your hand if you have read that book?” The witch in the middle of the round table blurts out “It is required reading in primary school,” Everyone raises their hand. Serena is relieved. The Same witch who spoke up, stood up. “May I speak?” Serena shakes her head. “Of course, you may, but please tell me your name?” The witch stands up. “My name is Raven. I am responsible for everything that flies. Birds and even unicorns. As a young witch we studied you in history class. There was never mention that you are an Arch Angel?” Serena knows she speaks the truth, and the crowd talks amongst themselves in a tone that questioned her authenticity. Raven yells. “Prove it?”
Serena was visited by God the night before, and they prayed for Serenas success in saving the human race. God pronounced her promotion to Arch Angel. Serena does not feel ready , and she made it perfectly clear how she felt to God. God ignored Serenas fears. God placed his hands on each of Serenas shoulder blades, and pronounounced to the universe Serena is now Gods Arch Angel. His first hand on Earth. Serena gently reaches down anf grabs ahold of Raven”s hands. White wings flow out the back of Serena. Serena body grows in stature. She glows, and Raven and Serena form an unsoken bond. Raven knows and tells the entire council. “Serenas tranformation is new tothe history books. I take you as the Arch Angel Serena sent to us by God.” The Council stands up, and cheers clapping theiir hads in unison.Serena closes her eyes. Her hands crossed over her breasts.
Serena is now in this world, but not part of it. Confused about where she belongs, a single tear falls slowly down her cheek. Gathering her thoughts, she decides to not think about her next sentence. Let the words flow from her heart. With her wings overflowing her six senses can see inside the hearts of the witches in front of her. Her body begins to rise off the floor. She has ringing in her ears. It takes all her energy to control her new powers. Everything is new. Gabriella whispers in her ear. “Do you want to get out of here?” Serena takes a deep breath and her body returns to earth.” Serena gives Gabriella a look that means. No can do. I got this. Serena calms the crowd. “May I have your attention? Please.” The witches quiet in a few seconds and look at her with awe. None of them has ever seen an Arch Angel. Except the Supreme Maye, who chased The Arch Angel Satan out of America.
Serena is ready. “I know you were not expecting me to transform into an Arch Angel. Look at it as a promotion from God. I have been through a lot, and literally I just got my wings yesterday. Did anyone hear bells ringing? I was promoted because Earth is in danger of Armageddon. The end of the world. A war is getting ready to get nasty.
Serena has finally gotten their attention. By the look of the Witches Auras, there are a few witches that cannot be trusted. I will find out who they are after the meeting. Serena does not preach. “You know me from the history books. They told you about my life frolicking in Edan when nature dictated human’s survival. Life was simple in an untouched wilderness. Time passed slowly and the human population got bigger and bigger. The industrial revolution hit Earths timeline. Nature became slaves at the hands of man, and over the years made bigger and better tools of destruction. That is when your Covens supreme stepped in and turned it all around. She not only took away man’s self-destructive nature but organized and implemented a civilization in America that works. Harmony restored. Running efficiently by supernatural beings and witches oversee it all. Your way of life is in jeopardy. Satan is organizing an army of evil monsters. It is time to get the word out to find Satan so we can destroy his army before they destroy Earth as we know it. “
A witch raises her hand. Serena nods her head to continue. “My name is Sabrina, and I became a witch in the England. I remember you helped me stay alive. Back then, the puritans accused anyone that got in the way of being a witch and a lot were tortured. I could not save your life. I witnessed your execution. I would like to work with you. I am ready to follow your every word. I am sorry about what happened to you.” Serenas’ wings receded into her back. Sabrina’s confession deflated her ego. A vision of the executioner and then darkness struck her like a thunderbolt to the head. “I have to leave here Gabriella. Now.” Gabriella helps Serena off the podium and out the back door for some air. Maye followed behind with a tall glass of water.
Gabriella helps Serena sit on a large bolder, and Maya hands her the glass of water. Serena drinks it down in one gulp. Inside the sound stage you can hear the witches chanting. “Serena, Serena over and over again.” The Supreme Maye smiles. “See Serena they love you and will do anything you ask. I have a safe house waiting for you. The witches are already making plans. You look tired Serena. Let’s go.” Mayes entourage walks us out of the sound stage.
Sabrina waits outside the front door to speak with Serena before she leaves. It may be her only chance? Serenas face brightens up. She did not want her to feel bad a longer, and she may know where to find the bitch witch who double crossed her.
Serena stops and turns towards Sabrina. “I know who convinced my husband, King Henry the eighth, before I had healed the syphilis making his mind crazy enough, to decapitate his wife? We were in love. Lady Chanticleer, the traitor, and after the dirty business of my decapitation…my execution? Stole my head and chopped it up in little pieces. Then my friend threw the pieces of my head into the Thames river.
I was lucky One Hundred and seventy-six five hundred and seven thousand days, eighteen hours, one minute and forty seconds. Four Hundred and eighty-three years ago. It took four hundred years floating in the water powerful ancient witch doctor fished my eyes out of the bayou in a swamp near New Orleans.
She used her magic to send my soul into of a pregnant slave. Serena came out as a human with no recollection of her past life or her powers. Wow, I know it all sounds bizarre, but I swear it’s the truth.”

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