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“Cat’s Lair” The Search for Truth Begins.

Serena prays the journey will be fruitful.  There are important rules coven’s follow in order to avoid contact with humans.  Witches are not real for most humans, but in rural areas where bloodlines have lived for generations.  They have long memories, and verbal story culture who

believe in all sorts of supernatural beings. 

Staying off the off the grid is not as easy as one thinks?  It is impossible to avoid contact with these dangerous sub-cultures.  Demons can blend in, and can change form to look like humans.  Serana yells. “Witches may I have your attention.  We are leaving the safe confines of our home.  I ask that you be smart in public.  Know what is happening around you at all times.  Pick one witch to be you partner and stay together.  Always know where your partner is, and we will not run into problems.  Let’s move we are burning daylight.” 

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