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Writing Fiction

I love writing fiction.  The genre is fun.  When I write stories, I become the observer.  I follow the principals I learn from reading and draw back on the classes I took in writing in college. 

The novel I am writing is coming together nicely.  The entire story came to me in a dream to fight the helplessness I see happening in our Country.  The pandemic, riots, and politics.  Dreams mask my true feelings.  I have cancer, stage 4, If I thought about my medical problems as much as I do with what happens in the next paragraph I would sink into madness. 

I am on the first drafts of the first section of my novel, my writing in the second section is getting better.  I have found my writing is evolving the more I write.  Especially since the cancer has wreaked havoc on my hands and I type with two fingers.  I used to type 70 words per minute.  The good old days.  Also, I have a hazy cancer brain and cannot sit for a long time because of the bone cancer in the spine.  Fun, but reality.

My friend Jim, a retired English teacher, has agreed to edit my novel.  He is also a local singer songwriter.  I have not given him any pages yet, but I will soon.  I am going to add a page to my blog Overall Happiness, for you pleasure.  Peace

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