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Meneutos, hangs in the rear behind his co-conspirators, on the landing leading to torch of the Statue of Liberty. 

    The sound of an organ playing Billy Idol’s White Wedding plays. “There is nothing fair in this world…There is nothing safe in this world…And there’s nothing sure in this world…And there’s nothing pure in this world” blasts from the wedding party in the crown and head of the statue below.  Ray 2 turns and makes eye contact with Meneutos.  She mouths “What should I do?”  Meneutos, motions for Ray 2 to “keep moving.” 

    The hour of reckoning has arrived.  He thought the task of capturing King Chaos would be a matter of using guile and cunning. Get into Manhattan, capture the King, exit the city. Then hand him over to King Themos.  It was never a consideration to have that plan thwarted, by the words and feelings brought to the surface by his twin soul mates clone, Ray 2.  Would this day ever end?


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