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Lady Queen’s Breath

Serrena thanked God for a good night’s sleep.  The witch meeting this afternoon will define how much support they will have?  All her Godly powers have not yet surfaced.  One she desperately needs is the power of persuasion.  To this day she feels stupid for falling for Lady Queens breath’s spell, hundreds of years ago, she connived gossip in the court that lead to her death.  She killed her.  Never again will she trust another witch as she trusted her.

Gabriella interrupts Serrena’s chain of thought.  “Stop thinking about her.  Our presence in California needs to be kept quiet, especially from our enemies.   There are witches that can read our minds.  If Lady Queen’s breath is at the council meeting tomorrow?”  Gabriella wants to scream; she understands the pain her mistress feels.  That women are not a Lady. “Promise me to drop it.  I hate her as much as you do, and I can guarantee my revenge will be given at the appropriate time.”



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