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    The Supreme led us through a dark tunnel.  Lower and lower we went into the cool dark earth.  We ended up in a room filled with light.   The Supreme, Shirley Magic, has set up a test to see if Raven and her bodyguard are who they say they are?  The white light envelopes the entire party, and then WHOOSH… They are taken to another world.   The land of elders. 

     Supreme Shirley’s energy pulls Raven toward her, and she whispers into her ear.  “We are here to find you an alibi, someone to vouch for you? That is all, do you understand Raven?” Raven shakes her head and looks over the crowd.  Shirley stands in front of the podium.  “I would like to introduce our guests to you today.  Arch Angel Raven and her bodyguard Catalina.” The crowd bowes in reverence.

    The Supreme continues. “Years ago, you were sent on the trail of sparks.   The reason you left the realm above was because you were systematically being burned at the stake one by one.  Humans were close to killing you all and had taken full control of all the lands. You had no other choice than to move, and moving underground was the perfect remedy.  Now you live in safety and remain hidden.  Humans were never meant to know about the existence of life between the rays of light.   In time the war between you and the humans will be folklore.  Children’s stories Now…you…the elders watch and listen for dark and dangerous entities above.  A very important job.   Everyone is happy.”

      Supreme Shirley whispers in Ravens ear.  “One of these old witches must know who you are?  If not, the meeting I called for this afternoon with the most powerful witches in the world will turn into a trial instead of a meet and greet.  Do you understand Raven?”  Raven is becoming exasperated with the Supremes judgmental attitude.  Nasty, and Raven pushes her way to the podium.  She asks the crowd for help. “You are but a small crowd.  Looking around I see the faces of witches maybe three hundred years old.  I had not come to America yet.  I need to speak with the elder elders.  I can feel there them…close.  Who will take me to them?” 

     Raven bowed her head.   She needs Supreme Shirley and her Kingdom to help her fight Lucifer. Raven looks straight into the Supremes eyes.  “I am an Arch Angel sent by God above.  I am here to warn and ready Earth of an impending war coming our way.  I am here to fight darkness.   As-long as you do not treat me with disrespect or attack me or my hand-maiden Catalina, you will live.  I have no time for games. Do you understand Shirley Magic?”

    Shirley Magic had not had anyone speak to her like that since before she had been made Supreme.  Shirley digs into her pocket to fetch her magic wand.   Then points it directly at Raven.  Catalina jumps in front of her mistress and takes the blunt force of the spell cast.  Catalina is flung into the air, and then she lands in a mud puddle.   Catalina is covered from head to toe in black goo.

    No one moves or makes a sound.  Raven breaks the silence.   “Can someone please help my friend out of the puddle, and get her some dry clothes?  “Is this how you treat visitors to your realm?”   Catalina is surrounded by witches who grab her by the arms and pull her out of the puddle.   She is whisked off by a coven of witches towards a small house.

   Raven takes a deep breath.   A lot has happened in a few short days.  Now she is being tested in a whole new realm.  The underground land of the elders.  Bring it on. Catalina thinks she is protecting me.  When I am protecting her.  Life is funny that way.  Never tell.   Best to keep the status quo.  Now time for business.

    Raven takes her place at a podium in town square.  She raises her arms above her head garnering the crowd’s undivided attention.  “I am Arch Angel Raven, and you have known me since the beginning of time.  I have gone by many different names in many different bodies. To name just a few Ariel, Cleopatra, Cassandra and the one and only Marie Leveau.   I have acted as leader, teacher, warrior, doctor and friend.  I have been lost going on three hundred years.  Now, I am back, and need your help.”  The crowd cheers.

        A frail woman who is short in stature.  Walks slowly towards the podium and raises her arms “I will take you.”  Raven looks down. “I will go with you.  Are you joining us Supreme, and put away your wand, please?”  Raven encircles her arm around the elder.  Raven asks.” What’s your name?” “My name is Ersala we danced together in Egypt.”  A warm conversation ensues as the ladies walk towards a long building on what looks like the back of the property’s perimeter.

    Ersala leads Raven to the door.  Raven opens the door, and what lies inside is sad.  An old Age home for the magical.  Beds line the building from top to bottom.  On the ends and in the middle of the building are stations that keep anything the witches require.  Low lighting and by the smell dingy air systems.  Raven is furious.  “This is a bleak existence for the elders of our past.  Who should be shown respect for they have done for our kind?”  Raven starts at the top of the building working her way from bed to bed.  Hugs and kisses abound.  Raven makes sure the windows are open and light and fresh air are let in.  The Supreme approaches Raven.  “You are who you say you are.  I have listened to some of your conversations.  You are not an imposter wishing to steal power.  I am sorry for my actions, but I have made it my life’s mission to create order from chaos. Can you forgive me Raven?”  Raven orders the last elder pixie a glass of honey juice and fresh hay for her bed.”  Raven approaches the Supreme.  “Let’s work together, because God has brought me here directly to you?” 

    Raven waves to the elder elders and say a silent prayer for their safety.  “Super, where is Catalina?”  The Supreme laughs.  “She is with the cloveleaf coven.  By the time we get to her she will have drunk her share of beer, had her hair dyed green in a bouffant style, and is stuffed with pork and dumplings.”

    Raven and The Supreme Shirley Magic stroll down Main Street waving.  When they arrive at town square Catalina runs out the door of the Clover Leaf coven looking like a Troll.  Catalina is mad   The Supreme snaps her fingers and they are back on Earth safe in their bedroom.”

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