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Meeting with the Witch Council

The traffic jam from the Supremes’ compound in the valley to the Hotel Marymount put my nerves in a twist.  The meeting with the Witch Council is paramount to the success of the mission to save Earth.  It is up to Serena to bond with what is the most powerful coven of witches in North America.   God is on her side, but the supernatural revolution is new? 

    Serena turns to Gabriela.  “Your thoughts are as loud as a foghorn.  If things go south, I will bring out the wings.”  The limousine comes to a stop in front of the oldest studio on the lot.  The driver opens the door and helps Serena and then Gabriella out of the vehicle.  The new clothes Carmen fitted them with are comfortable, Serena almost cried when she noticed the angel wing cut outs on the back. 

    Serena took the lead aside the Supremes assistant.  The Warehouse, dark and damp, showed signs of wear and tear with one big Sound Stage set up for the council meeting.  Serena was seated on a podium next to the Supremes throne.  Gabriella stood next to her, and she had full view of the room.  Nothing was going to happen to Serena. 

    Little by little the council members arrived and took their seat around a round table.  The Supremes podium sat at the top of the table near a neon sign that reads, Exit?  The sign blinks on and off.  Gabriella was ready to pounce and tear the neon sign off the wall.  She is frazzled.  It feels more like a funeral than a call to arms.  Serena loves Gabriella and took her hand.  “My dear no matter what happens, we will always fight for God.  Side by side.” Gabriella’s confidence returns.

      At last, The Supreme Mayte enters the soundstage from the door next to the neon sign.  The annoying blinking from the Exit sign turns off as soon as she stands on the podium.   The room goes silent.  The coven members have bowed their heads with their hands together in reverence to the Supreme. 

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