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Have you ever felt like ditching a person/friend who did something stupid? I know I have. The only time I ditched a friend were for bold faced lies to my face, that led to emotional heart ache when THE GOSSIP got back to me. You would think such behavior stopped in high school. No, such behavior is still an intracule part of some work environments, groups of all types and family. I have spent most of my life searching for those friends and family that know how to love unconditionally.

It is not an easy task. I can remember working jobs where the management always made you feel you were close to be fired at any moment. I lived a block away from a job, and when I called in sick was told they could stop in anytime to make sure I was not “FAKING IT.” I have a family member I love, but she puts me down for not becoming rich or at least a professional. I lied to her once years ago because she made me feel shame about my position in life.

Turn on the TV and watch the Democratic Party act like a three ring circus. Do they have the power to not prosecute those that break the law, because they have made a backroom deal? That is what it looks like? No, they think they are powerful enough to change the law. Sad, for the hard working AMERICAN who would like to see our legislater’s go to work on the hill, and not play on social media everyday saying it is the millennials way to use SM as a platform for what? I have always been told to keep my cell phone off at work/Is that what BILLS are for? The Hopper does not like it!

My Motto has always been. ‘NEVER TALK POLITICS OR RELIGION. Unfortunately, as my family member made perfectly clear many moons ago. “I am not rich or a professional.” I WAS A DEMOCRAT.

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