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What do I want?

Mary Judge Hubard

I am redesingning this blog.  The first change is the title.  RUBY MOONBEAM SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY, OLD  The sites new, and hopeful better name is MARY MARY QUITE CONTRARY.  This title is bittersweet.

Over the years, I have been called Mary Mary quite contrary.  Randome people would come up to me and recite this old slogan, and giggle? I was never absolutley sure if they found it amusing or were scared or nervose?

One day I looked up the word contrary, and I was appaled at what it means.  It is not a nice word.  For many years it made me mad when people would say it to my face.  Fighting words, but over the years my sense of humar has helped me come to terms with the backhanded compliment.

I love the old blog name but I am moving in a new direction and I need a change.  I hope you will enjoy what is comming soon?  I certainaly am enjoying designing a new blogsite.  A fresh start.  Change is everywhere, and I have hitched a ride on a cool breeze.


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