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Sleep Tight

“Cleo you need a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we will be meeting with the witch council.” Cleo knows their next move will define how much support they will have beside them. All her Godly powers have not yet surfaced. One she desperately needs is the power of persuasion. To this day she feels stupid for falling for Lady Queensbreath’s spell, hundreds of years ago, that almost succeeded in killing her, instead, Lady Queensbreath buried her powers and her soul in the Thames river. Never again will she trust another witch as she trusted her.
Margo interrupts Cleo’s chain of thought. “Stop thinking about her. Our presence in California needs to be kept quiet, especially from our enemies. Lady Queensbreath may be at the council meeting tomorrow? Pay her no mind. “Keep your enemies close.” Margo wants to scream. I bet she does not answer to that name anymore. Cleo interrupts Margo. “This is a private affair. Promise me to drop it. I hate her.” Margo places her hand on her heart. “I promise if Lady Queensbreath is at the council meeting tomorrow I ill pay her no mind. Goodnight Margo.” Cleo lies down on the comfy bed. Margo shakes her head. Cleo is always right. Lady Queensbreath is a manipulating bitch. Hope she is not present at the council meeting. No matter what name she goes by her aura has not changed. Sweet dreams Cleo. I will stand guard over you for safety sake.” Margo turns the lights off, and Cleo sits on the window ledge overlooking the Pacific Ocean. No one will get past her”
Margo thinks out loud. “The Witch Council is nothing but a bunch of powerful women vying for the attention of their leader, and to succeed we must gain the trust of only one witch, the High Priestesses.” Cleo screams “I am trying to sleep.” Margo giggles under her breath. “Sorry.”
The sun rises large with yellow and orange streaks captivating the horizon. It’s brightness wakes Cleo. Margo is sound to sleep, and remains as the night before, sitting on the window ledge snoring softly. There is a knock on the bedroom door. Cleo gets out of bed and peeks out. There standing in a line formation are ladies dressed in domestic uniforms? Cleo screams. “Wake up sleepy head.”



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