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LAX felt like landing on another planet.  The airport is full of people from all over the world. Margo’s only job is to keep Cleo safe.  Living in Charleston for the last 70 years it was easy to spot supernatural beings from the humans. Witches and vampires had distinct smells…swaggers.  They had entered a whole new world, and without the proper paperwork puts them in a dangerous position.

Cleo and Margo worked their way out of the airport terminal, and outside finding a cab was not difficult. Margo knew her senses were rusty and wished she had brought a weapon. The cabbie was not human. Cleo winks at Margo.  “Tell him where were going?”  Margo obeys her Mistress. “Cliffside villas at Malibu on PC Highway 666” the cab sped off.  Cleo turns to Margo.  “Relax, consurve your energy,  Believe me.”

Several hours later.  The cab driver pulls over to the feeder road.  “No hotel at 666PCH?”  Margo looks around, and Cleo feels the vibes.  “We will get out here. Pay the cabbie” Cleo gets out.  There is nothing here, but a dirt road.  Margo hands the cabbie cash, and he grabs it and speeds away. “‘Why did you let him go Cleo, we are in the middle of nowhere, and can we trust him…or whatever he is?”  Cleo follows the dirt road.  “That creature is on the low totem pole of California’s supernatural society.  A werewolf, whom cannot control its impulses to turn during a full Moon. I believe all it wants is to survive.”    Margo sighs. “We have much to learn.  The slope of the road leads higher and higher up and around a bend.  In the distance appears the remnants of a once grand Italian Villa. “That’s it.”    Margo runs to catch up with Cleo.

About fifty yards from the Villas gates, Cleo and Margo are surrounded by solders.  Stunning men with bulging muscles carrying weapons neither Cleo or Margo recognize.  Standing behind the solders is a woman dressed all in black.  She yells.  “Arrest them” Margo sings a song from ancient times, and the solders fall to the ground fast asleep.  Cleo and Margo approach the would-be captor.  Cleo speaks first. “We are not here to harm anyone.   We have come to rest and speak with the heads of Witch Government.”  The women dressed in black addresses Cleo.  “Who do you think you are busting in to my secret compound, and enchanting my body guards?”  Cleo apologizes.  “Forgive us for the interruption, but time does not wait for pleasantries.  We are here on official business.  We need your support.  You may call me Cleo, and my trusted bodyguard Margo.”  The beauty of the Lady in Black, Shirley, shone bright.  “My name is Shirley, and I am Queen.  Be careful your every movement is watched by my soldiers. They have my permission to shoot if you provoke me.  I can feel power flow from both of you.  I have no idea why you are her unannounced?  Who are you?  Why are you here? Tell me now.  Or else!”

“Please forgive us, we did not mean to frighten you.  My story is long.  I will tell you the Cliff note version.  I have lived on Earth since the dawn of time. I am an original angel of God, and I accidentally fell to Earth during the battle between God and his Arch Angels.  I am here to warn you there is a final battle coming.  The dark lord Lucifer and his army have been fortifying ammunitions and multiplying creatures of destruction bent on destroying all that is good on Earth.  I have just woken from centuries of living life after life.   Reincarnated over and over after being double-crossed by my best friend.  She took my powers.”

Shirley approaches Cleo and places her right hand upon her heart. “I feel your pain, and you are surrounded by white light.  My instinct trusts you, and if you ever double cross me you will suffer a fate worse than death. You will stay with me, and in the morning, I will introduce both of you to the counsel of Witches.  There your fate will be sealed.  My servants will take you to your rooms and provide you with everything you need.”  Cleo bows to Shirley.  Thank you, Shirley.  May God lead you toward peace and love.”

Cleo and Margo follow the servant in silence.  As soon as Cleo is alone in her bed.  She breaks down.  I must be brave and on my own.  I cannot be a Goddess in disguise.  I am truly a goddess.  It has been centuries since I have walked in my own shoes.  I must dig deep and find my goddess self.

Margo opens a door connecting hers to Cleo’s.  Margo is in a good mood.  “Shirley has set us up with everything we could possible desire.”  Then she sees Cleo sobbing.   Margo runs over to her. “Are you ok?” Cleo looks up and hugs her friend.” Tears stream down her face. “We are beginning a long journey. I can do this myself.  I grant you freedom. Go.  You have earned your it.”

Margo cannot not believe Cleo’s words. She has been a slave since the time of the Egyptian Pharos. How many times had she been buried alive and rode down the Nile?” Margo does not know how to live without living in servitude. “I would never leave you.  I am here because I want to be.  Thank you for giving me a choice.  I love you Cleo and would do anything for you.  We have come a long way from front porch betties…old ladies… ha… ha.”  Cleo runs over to Margo who is now, after centuries of servitude, her friend.

Margo and Cleo hug.  Than after a long stretch of silence says.  Margo says.  “If I leave you, your twin soulmate will kill me.  In fact he knows where we are and is watching us.”  Silence turns into laughter.


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