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Chapter One “The Cat’s Lair”

    It was one of those days, when nothing felt right. All I wanted to do was lye on my chaise lounge and wait for something to fall from the sky. Margaret, my lifetime companion gardened next to me without a care in the world. Then it happened… driving towards the cottage, around a bend…and through the covered bridge a black vintage limousine cruised at top speed, and ended up in front of our picket fence.

  Margaret pulls me into the wheelchair. Her fingernails cut into the thin skin on my forearms. The look on her face is eerie, when at first sight of the black Limousine coming towards us, it was as if the devil himself was on the way. To make matters worse the sky turned jet black, and the sound of the insects chirping in the marshlands behind the cottage stops. Silence. Exciting.

The older gentleman, ran over and lifted me out of the wheelchair. He carried me out of the rain and onto the front porch… he smelled of patchouli oil.  It would have been a grand romantic gesture if only I was not soaked to the bone.  Margaret followed him the best she could. He appeared to be close to seven feet tall.  The sound of thunderbolts and cracks of lightning strikes hit the ground to close for comfort. Margaret motioned for the stranger to enter the cottage. The storm stopped as quickly as it began. Silence hung in the air.  The stranger gently lowered me into the oversized chair by the fire, and got down on one Knee “My name is Levi”

“I think we could all use some tea, Margaret can you be a doll, and make us all some chamomile?” “Towels first…not going to let you catch your death. Levi get up…and sit on the sofa.” Margaret scurries out of the room leaving us alone.   Levi speaks first… I am shy and tongue tied. “You have inherited a fortune.” Cleo laughs “don’t need it. Will be dead in a couple of weeks.”

Margaret hands Levi a towel, and then throws another one over Cleo’s head squeezing the excess water from her hair.    “It took you long enough to get here, Levi. Get it done, and then leave.” Tears spill down Levies cheeks “I have spent centuries looking for her…let me wake her up, and spend one night together. That is not a lot to ask?” Margaret looks directly into Levies eye’s. “You know what the prophecy says Levi?  After you turn Cleo back… she must complete her mission and then you will be together for eternity. If she is not successful all is lost…be patience dear. Do it now”

“Are you trying to take my head off, for goodness sake Margaret.” Cleo grabs the towel from Margaret, and Margaret throws her hands in the air. “I am getting the tea.” Could this day get any weirder?  “Mr. Levi, who are you looking for?” Levi fights the urge for flirting banter. Yet, he needs to find the perfect in not to scare her. “I’m sorry, looking for a woman by the name of Cleopatra Baptiste, a distant Uncle, with no surviving relatives, left his entire estate to her.  I have been searching for a very long time, and the time is up…this is my last front door.”

Cleo’s cannot take her eyes off Levi, in fact, his lips are moving but the sound is muffled by her beating heart. “I will be honest with you, since I am at deaths door It does not matter to me who knows. I was left as a newborn baby in a basket on the front door of the big house around the bend. Embroidered on my blanket and dress was the name Cleo, and that is believed to be the name my mother gave me? I do not have a social security number or birth certificate. So, you see even if I were Cleopatra Baptiste we could never prove my identity in a court of law. Sorry Levi this door is closed”


Levi whispered in Cleo’s ear. “All I need to prove your identity is a kiss.” Their lips touch, oh so softly, and then latch on to each other tightly as sparks of passion fill the room with static electricity. Their bodies leave the floor…float into the air when Margaret runs into the room with a broom and with one fell swoop tear Levi and Cleo apart. Cleo falls to the floor, unconscious. Levi lands on one knee his eyes ablaze. Margaret opens the front door pointing to the black limousine. “Leave now.”

Levi is torn between selfish behavior , his only desires is to kidnap his twin soul and run away, but the consequences would be direr. “I will watch over her from a distance. Goodbye Margo…take care of her or else?” Levi leaves the cottage… his body returned from an old man to his natural state of god warrior. Margo, she too young and strong…slams the front door behind him.

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