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Fiction vs. Non-Fiction My Take:

Life has been one health problem after another for the past eighteen months. My creative juices for writing science fiction took a vacation. I was living in survival mode. My fiction writing, my stories were put on hold. Reality, non-fiction, consumed my life. To cope with the heavy burdens I starting a blog called Stage 4, Living Life to the fullest with Cancer. At the moment my Cancer is stable, cross your fingers, and I am working on a screenplay… Fiction… called THE CATS LAIR. The screenplay came to me in a dream, and it is funny, this dream kept me sane when my world was dark and scary. Today I will grace, RUBY MOONBEAM, with it’s Log Line! “The Queen of the Witches awakes after centuries of being lost, and she struggles to regain her power inorder to fight an evil sorceress who has built an army of zombies intent on destroying the world.” First Draft Log Line!


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