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Truth is Stranger than Fiction!

Stage 4 – A Personal Journey by Mary Judge-Hubard


My name is Mary Hubard. I am a 55-year-old wife, mother of two sons, and one grandson. I have stage 4 lung cancer, that metastasized in the bones of the vertebra of my neck and spine. This type of cancer will never go way, or even into remission. I will fight the disease my entire life. I live in fear my cancer will return and spread throughout my body. I refuse to think like a victim, but it takes work to remain positive.
This book is the story of my journey, and the trials and tribulations of being diagnosed with a terminal disease. I am not a doctor or medical professional, and I am not under any circumstance giving medical advice. I am a person who so far has lived past her expiration date. This book tells how I did it. I feel blessed to be alive.
The journey began approximately five months leading up to the doctor’s diagnosis of cancer, my life revolved around pain. At first, I thought I had strained the muscles in my back from playing drums, working out or chasing and lifting my sweet and active Grandson, Hudson. As the months passed the pain became unbearable. Nothing could stop it, not even narcotic pain medication. I made it to work out of sheer will. I sought relief from my primary care physician, after hours physician’s, E.R. physician’s, a physical therapist, chiropractor, yoga practice, tens machine and a shiatsu massage pillow.  I was sleeping on the floor, not in my bed. I had lost my balance numerous times and suffered falls.  I felt like the medical community was brushing me off. Like my doctors did not care. No one cared about helping me find the cause. I was losing hope. My life had been reduced to finding the next fix.


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