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Stage Four

I sit here in my hospital bed thinking about the future of my imagination.  Six months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has metastasized down the vertebrae my spinal cord.    I spent weeks in the hospital and almost died.

I am lucky there is a cancer medicine for my particular cancer type.  As long as the medicine works the cancer in my body will not spread.  I am grateful to the doctors…technitions…and pharamsutical labs for developing the drugs that keep me alive and pain-free.

I was left  with crippling nerve damage of the right hand and portions of my spine.  The doctor have said the damage is permanent.  Yet, I was never one to give up?  I sit here, tying with one digit, for hours. My brain opening up after months of living in a pain filled fog.  I know my life has changed forever.  I will never climb Mount Everest.

Yet, after everything I have been through, I have decided to redirect my writers voice to helping me and other souls find passion in life when faced with physical and emotional challenges.   Life goes on, and I would feel ashamed if I gave up.











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