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The Escape Artist

We are weeks into the New Year and I am still pondering where my destiny will take me in 2015?

I am searching for truth and kindness in a world gone crazy.  Where spin has replaced honesty.  I see tremendous good in the people I surround myself with.  I also see how fear can drive people to act in unbecoming ways.  That a little kindness can go along way.

I know that I am blessed, and part of being human is being flawed.  I do not take anything that the universe has given to me for granted.  So, I ponder these thoughts:

How can I be a “conduit” for positive change?

What am I “searching” for that I do not already have at  my fingertips?

What really “matters” and how can I live life “gracefully” when faced with life’s challenges?

To me, “life” is about living. Inside each of us is the desire for greatness.  You may think, what does any of this have to do with being an “Escape Artist?” The title of this expose.  or about writing Science Fiction/Fantasy stories?  This blog.

Every writer has a certain perspective… world view…wired brain wave.  That is personal and drives them to put their unique perspective on paper.  I am trying…exploring..  searching for mine.


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