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The Escape Artist “2015 New Year’s Goals and Resolutions”

Every year I wake up on the first day of the “New Year” excited about the changes I want to make in my life. It reminds me how I feel when I purchase a brand new anti-aging cream. The label states that you will see a profound difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a matter of weeks. I take the plastic off the packaging and read the fine print on the bottle. I open up the product and smell its’ unique fragrance. I imagine how much younger my skin will look after only a few weeks. The crux of the matter is that change cannot be found in a magic potion. Change requires hard work … inner strength and character, and a whole lot of courage.

Without conferring with the dictionary, my opinion only, a “Goal” is something I want to accomplish. It is short term with a definite end date. For example, I will take a class in basic grammar. I will go to the gym every morning at six o’clock for twelve weeks, I will finish my novel in four months. Once I reach my goals I feel a sense of accomplishment. Than I set new goals. This goes on over and over again like making lists on post-It’s of everything that needs doing every day.

A resolution, to me, is deeper than a goal. “Resolution” a concept, is not about doing a certain thing until it is mastered. A resolution is a promise I make to “Myself” that I have the strength to overcome behavior or thinking that is contradictory to my well-being.   Botox shots can temporarily mask creases in your face, but it takes the skill of a surgeon to make permanent changes.  For example, I will lose the last ten pounds of fat on my body and keep them off forever. I will do this by becoming a yogi master and never eating a processed food or drop of sugar ever.  I will never lose my cool or say something idiotic even when provoked.

That brings me back to the crux of the situation. Goals and resolutions are good ways to keep your self-moving forward in life, but are not necessarily life or death scenarios. Goals and Resolutions to me are modern-day survival techniques that help us avoid danger and continue to evolve and seek personal enlightenment. Religion and politics aside. So what are my goals and resolutions for 2015?

2015 Year Goals

Read a new book every two weeks

Write three hundred pages everyday

Post on my blog a minimum of twice a week

Work out a minimum of 150 minutes per week

Practice drums everyday

2015 Year Resolutions

Deal with stress in a more grown up manner (Cry less)

Focus on helping others (Not taking my self too seriously)

Opening up my mind, letting go of ego obstacles, and bringing into my life abundance by being in sync with the universe.

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