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Happy 2014!

We are now a few day’s into the New Year.  I have not made any formal resolutions.  I am reflecting on what worked and did not work in 2013.  As for Ruby Moonbeam, what will become of her?  The Ruby Moonbeam blog came about out of frustration.  I had written the first draft of a novel “Terra’s Possession” and needed to step away from it to gain a fresh voice. I knew I needed to keep writing, like any art form it takes work to improve.   I was Burnt Out on the  novel itself.  I decided to get to know the characters in my novel better by writing a short story around each of them.   My goal was to write one short story every six weeks until the first of the  year.  I started the blog in April of 2013.   Well, I have started six short stories, and published three.  The third “Discovery” is a Christmas story for my new grandson.  What I learned?   It is ok,  if you fall short of your goals.  Better to aim to high than low.  What I found out about myself is, I love the writing process.

So what to do with Ruby Moonbeam in 2014?  As a creative writer, I aim to rewrite the first 100 pages of my  novel “Terra’s Possession”   by March.  As for the blog, I will use it to explore why I am writing what I am writing. Ruby Moonbeam a/k/a Muse.   Peace

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